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  • PPV Payday Loan Shark! USA Leadimpact and Trafficvance Version

    I generate over 100 leads a week paying from $0.80 to $135 PER LEAD. Using this exact method and script. This is probably one of personal favorites. The demand for these payday loans is never ending. The payouts are huge and range from $0.80 through to $135 per conversion. Marketing these through PPV is a […]

  • A full case study for Leadimpact, Trafficvance and Media traffic

    This is the type of thing you will find in our forums. I have chose this one as its pretty simple: Offer: Bingo Dealer Country: UK Payout: $2.50 Offer Type: Single Opt in. Offer Page: http://www.bingodealer.com/ Initial Budget: $10.00 My research: https://www.facebook.com/bingoblitz & https://www.facebook.com/bingoblitz/likes From the facebook fan page I find the following: London, England, […]

  • So whats in the forum?

    I have received a few emails as to whats in the forums as when new registrations occur they are only presented with one topic. This topic basically describes how to become a paid member. Once registered on the forum you will get unrestricted access to the following: WSO Products – I have only a few […]

  • Affiliate Networks BLOWN Wide Open

    You really wont believe your eyes with this little beauty. I know its a step away from PPV but I discovered it completely by Accident.   What I am about to show you will astonish you! Every single network I checked with this method has left a BACKDOOR open to their traffic sources, and where […]

  • PPV Guru Forums are Open

    Well we have been working on the forums for a few weeks now. We have let a few people who have bought our other products inside to review the content. Here is what they said: “WOW!. Awesome content. I like the follow along campaigns where you can see day to day progress of a live […]

  • The Great Campaign BUST

    Do you do your research correctly before you just steam off marketing an offer via PPV? Did you know that some offer are just not suitable for PPV? By reading this you find out how to check if a campaign is suitable or not by reverse engineering an offer back through to where it is […]

  • The PPV Games Guru 367% ROI – LEADIMPACT ONLY

    With this ebook I will show you how I turned 40,000,000 game players in to PPV profitable traffic. I will clearly show you how to find the games to target, the offers to pick, and the targets and urls that will fill your bank with money.   You will be able to set up multiple […]

  • The PPV Guru Spy

    Have you ever wondered how the top PPV marketers are killing it on Leadimpact, Trafficvance, Mediatraffic. What would you pay to see their campaigns? What would you pay to find out the KEYWORDs and URLs they were using? How much do you think a $2500 a DAY PPV campaign is worth? These guys are milking […]