Following the massive success of PPVguru SPY and the Ultimate Landing Page we have decided to let you in on a few PPV secrets that we are about to release.

1. Gaming PPV full campaigns

We will show you how to monetize some of the biggest traffic games on the internet. We have a quite few campaigns that can be scaled beyond your wildest dreams. What comes with this package?

a) Which games to target and how to find the URLs and keywords to target

b) Which offers to target and find out the demographics of the game and offer

c) Fancy a landing page that is already set up and ready to go? Well we have done all the work for you. Just upload to leadimpact, mediatraffic or trafficvance and add the keywords we give you and off you go.

d) Surprisingly THIS CAMPAIGN WORKS 100 times better on leadimpact rather than trafficvance.

e) What can be earned with this? We have campaigns running at a cost of around $40 a day and depending on the offers has earned up to $250 per day profit.

f) I will show you the full case study we did with 3 of the biggest games on the planet. THIS WILL OPEN YOUR EYES!  To another $250+ a day campaign. If you are prepared to spend more on it then you could make more.

g) Once you have this FULL PACKAGE, Landing page, keywords, urls, AND OFFERS you will be making money from the moment your campaign gets approved.

ARE WE SCARED OF THE COMPETITION – NO ! Why There are over 500,000,000 people playing games every day and it would cost somewhere in the region of $120,000 per day to pop them all.



2. PPV & 7search Box of tricks

Well this is a mish mash of scripts and what do they do?

a) Count down timer – IN THE FORUMS

b) Geo targeting the user and dynamically insert into the scripts – IN THE FORUMS

c) FREE spy tool – IN THE FORUMS

d) Dynamically insert keywords and manipulate URLs into the landing page – IN THE FORUMS

e) Domain generator – if you find one url that is profitable using this awesome little tool will generate over 50 different alternatives for that one url target. This will and does increase the traffic on that profitable URL. It is done in seconds. – IN THE FORUMS

f) Find urls from all over the world for all kinds of sites. – IN THE FORUMS

3.The Guru’s Gambling Lander


We all know that gambling offers payout out up to £120 per lead ( $200 ) and getting the lander right on these is a must. We have one that we use and it converts like a charm.

I wont say too much on this but it really does appeal to the gambler and gambling sites and casino sites.

So dont forget to visit us every day to see what we have that is new.

This is done I just need to upload it. LOOK OUT FOR Oceans 14 – The Great Casino Campaign Heist