How PPV Camaigns Are exposed!



So here we are going to show you how to grab someones campaigns. Unfortunately, in this example the guy is not particularly good at ppv as all he is doing is self targeting a number of offers but here I show you how I got his keywords and his campaigns and his traffic sources.

I will expose who is tracking using cpvlabs.

So first of all we check his traffic sources.

Domain Category Global Rank Traffic Share Change Unknown Not Available 0.067731991% Unknown Not Available 7.518251000% -35.78% Unknown Not Available 1.422371811% 292.86% Unknown Not Available 18.558565532% 7.16% Unknown Not Available 0.745051901% -41.20% Unknown Not Available 0.745051901% -41.20% Unknown Not Available 33.933727487% -30.49% Unknown Not Available 12.801346297% 35.99% Unknown Not Available 8.872890820% 21.52% Unknown Not Available 0.406391946% Unknown Not Available 1.422371811% -9.34% Unknown Not Available 0.406391946% -38.78% Unknown Not Available 0.067731991% Unknown Not Available 5.824951225% 89.28% Unknown Not Available 0.310497372% Unknown Not Available 3.434987086% Internet_and_Telecom 627 1.985113719% 332.10% Adult 55688 0.745051901% 1134.70% Unknown Not Available 0.310497372% Unknown 573 0.110527519% -94.25% Adult Not Available 0.310497372%

So to explain what the above actually is. The domain is the traffic source. Now using a technique that we explain in the forum we know what traffic sources use the referring domains. So here is a summary of the traffic sources:

These are all Leadimpact servers so we know he is driving traffic from leadimpact.

The above are all from 50onred which is a cracking company and traffic source. These are one of my favorites.

The two servers above are Trafficvance

He has also been using mediatraffic which is the remaining souce pablo which was triggered via a toolbar.

Now lets expose the campaigns. He has quite a few of which are not very inventive and will probably get him banned as most of them do not allow brand bidding so I would suggest you do not copy what he is doing. You can still use PPV for some of these but you should be a bit more inventive and target competing sites and maybe use a landing page or a quiz type lander (landing page genius). If you do this you are not limited to just the traffic that the client gets but you can scale via targeting competing sites. A good example of using competing sites and a landing page is picking on a particular product and doing a price comparison. Something simple like a Laptop lets say the company you are promoting has a laptop at $200 and the competing sites have the same laptop at $300 you can create a landing page with the image of the laptop and pop it on the page competiting product and say something along the lines “You can save $100 on this exact laptop. Click Here”. So you will be diverting the customer and ecouraging them to buy from your client rather than the competing site.

Back to his campaigns. Now this is the kind of thing we show in the forums and there are over 600+ campaigns and we are currently adding around 5 to 8 per day. Where landing pages are required we are providing the landing pages in the forums also.

Using a technique only available in the forums we can reveal his keywords

Campaign No 1.
His link:
This on is self targeting and his keyword is
Campaign No 2.

Again self targeting and his keyword is – I also know this is on trafficvance as they capitalise the first letter.
Campaign No 3.

Agains self targeting and his keyword is and the source is trafficvance
Campaign No 4.

Again self targeting william hill sports betting on trafficvance.

So you get the general gist here his keyword is always keyword=KEYWORD and with this guy the target is generally the same.
Here is the remainder of his campaigns.
Campaign No 5.

Campaign No 6.

Campaign No 7.

Campaign No 8.

His keywords are :
The offer is again self targeting

Campaign No 9

Campaign No 10

Campaign No 11

Campaign No 12

Campaign No 13

Campaign No 14

Campaign No 15

Campaign No 16

His keywords are:


Campaign No 17


Campaign No 18


Campaign 19

Now this one is on Mediatraffic. I know this because medaitraffic is the only ppv company that use keyw_passthrough to pass the keywords. He is basically self targeting which I would not advise as they will probably not pay you.
Anyway his keywords are:

Campaign No 20

Campaign No 21

Campaign No 22

Keywords are:

Campaign No 22

Campaign No 23

Now i know he has on mediatraffic this one is on trafficvance as the W of is capitalised.

Campaign No 24

Quite unreal. This guy did end up using his brain and in this case has targeted some highly popular stationary keywords and a competing site. He probably was not profitable on Calender or Invitations or Vista because they are generic and not targeted. Many websites have calenders and if the word calender was mentioned anywhere in the url then this would trigger a pop up. As an example of what I mean go to google and type in inurl:calendar and you will see thousands of none relevant targets appear. Now what he should of done is add some keywords that would realte to people buying Calendars e.g. Buy+Calendar, Buy+Calender, Buy+Cheap+Calender etc. you see where I am coming from. You need to highly target your audience.

Campaign 25


Campaign 26


Campaign 27


This one is on leadimpact.

Campaign 28


Campaign 29

So there you have it 29 campaigns. Only one out of the 29 has the guy tried to use keywords instead of just self targeting. Whilst sometimes self targeting is ok to be able to scale you need a wider audience targeting the action that you intend them to take. e.g. a Game rather than target the game name target what the user wants to do – Play Gamename Online this will reduce unwanted traffic.

What you see above is only a very small sample of what is available inside the forum. where we exposed over 600 campaigns and have added notes and we as a community discuss them to make them profitable.