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Ok. Here is something I get asked quite a lot – directly or indeirectly. HOW DO YOU FIND KEYWORDS and targets!

You do not need expensive tools are tricks to do this. Let pick some of my favorite offers : – it works great on leadimpact and even better on TV – it is available on affiliategateways – It is a direct link offer and its ours so we can direct link to it no problem. The only thing you can not do is pop on the because I will put you in a field and shoot you if you do.

Ok so let us take this example – it is a very simple lander with a loan application form. The category is finance and a payday loan.

So lets concentrate on keywords for now.


The image is what I see in my head as a person looking for loans. The guy has a table full of bills that need paying but he does not get paid until two weeks time.


Step 2 – What does the guy do to resolve this problem?

So now I am in his shoes I am thinking do I ask a friend to borrow some money. Or, hmmm no I am too proud for that and I dont want anyone knowing I am in need of money.

I head straight for the Internet – google, bing, yahoo or any search engine that is pre loaded on my computer. What do I type into the search engine to get a payday loan?

The first search term that springs into my head is Where to get a cheap payday loan so I type that into google

Now I have highlighted 5 keywords or terms.

1. Payday-loans
2. Payday loans
3. Looking for a payday loan
4. cheap-payday-loans
5. Payday Loan Application

No 3 will not get approved on leadimpact it has too many words – this gets removed from the list.

The others look like good terms. However, some of these will be extremely high volume and will convert eventually but will eat up your budget in the process.

Now think like the guy who is looking for a loan

He is now bombarded with 137,000,000 results in google for his search term. He needs help choosing the right loan.

If he gets a pop up at this point – HE WILL CLOSE IT! The guy is stressed and can not be dealing with pop ups at this point. UNLESS YOU ARE PROVIDING A COMPARISON LOAN PROCESS – In this instance we are not. So lets try and target this even better.

The guy then goes on to get reviews on the loans to find out which is better.

So now we can see that the terms Payday Loan Application has popped up again this will get some good traffic. Also Payday-loans

Many of the large comparison sites use the – (dash) to join two words together in the url, they also use other operands such as +and _ so we can now use this information to get some good quality keywords.

1. Payday Loan Application
2. Payday-Loans
3. Payday_loans
4. Payday+loans

So rather than scraping through 15,000,000 targets we can deduce that we can target quite a few of them by just using these terms which are in fact highly targeted. This will also get you around the restricted keyword lists.

I am particulary interested in the keyword “payday-loans” as it appears in both of my list tests. I also want cheap traffic on them so I can make some variations of the keywords by adding a forward slash to the front of the terms and the rear as follows.

1. Payday Loan Application/
2. Payday-Loans/
3. Payday_loans/
4. Payday+loans/

1. /Payday Loan Application
2. /Payday-Loans
3. /Payday_loans
4. /Payday+loans

1. /Payday Loan Application/
2. /Payday-Loans/
3. /Payday_loans/
4. /Payday+loans/

So now before I add them to my lists I want to see what results they throw out from google. I do this by typing inurl:payday-loans

I get over 2,300,000 results Рso we went from 137,000,000 results which would have eaten up our budget down to highly targeted  2,300,000 Рthis does not mean that 2.3 million people have pop up software on their machines so do not expect 2.3 million pop ups.

But now we have a good strong base of keywords that target many domains just by using a term that appears regularly in the URL.

This is always a great place to start with any offer.

Pick one and see how you do. Or you could even try it with the offer in this example. A Loan Finder UK it is offer number 4444

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