Insane Campaigns given away for free

I normally keep these types of campaigns back for myself to test then sell, but seeing as it is Christmas I thought I would drop them into the forum FREE.

They are in the Private Inhouse threads which can be found under a Supervip Account.

Here are the posts here:

Generally these are VERY simple self targeting campaigns.

You can guage how successful or how much money you can make depending on how many monthly or daily visitors a site gets. So for example if an offer gets around 10,000 monthly visitors you will more than likely make money.

Normally anything with over 200 daily or 6000 monthly can be big earners.

These campaigns I have released today has millions. One of them has no less than 9.4 million unique visits per month!!!

How much can you make from these types of campaigns?

Check the out now before I decide to move them into a secret section on the forum!

All the best.