PPV Beginners Guide Part 2 – Getting Started

Beginners Guide Part 2 – Getting Started

So I was talking to a few friends of mine who were members of the forum and I asked them what they thought. They have only been members for a week or so but there biggest issue was how to start.

So Beginners Guide part 2 – Getting started was born.

What the guide does is briefly go over the old stuff and has presumed you have read Part 1. This gives you a step by step guide of how to apply to the network, apply to the traffic source, and track your first campaign along with setting up your first campaign.

I have included some stats for a campaign that I have made around $12,000 from over the last year or so. It is a very simple campaign direct linked using keywords, urls etc.

I think this could be the missing link in what some people need to get started.

Here are some payment proofs of earnings from PPV.


Do you want to be the guy that gets left behind?

Can you really afford not to start marketing online with PPV.

Please note: You will need an account with one of the traffic sources Traficvance, 50nored, mediatraffic or leadimapct to get started.


NOTE: You can get all the products in this store FREE on the forum http://ppvguru.com/forum/