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As you may or mat not be aware we have launched our very own spy tool. We have a team of guys who spend their days hunting down and scraping brand new campaigns for you using our very own Spying methods and Scraping methods. This we believe to be the most accurate spy tool in the PPV game.

We have the 4 main traffic sources to start with:

You can view the latest scraped campaigns:

You can view to most viewed campaigns (Popular Landing Pages)

We have a popular keyword tag cloud. This shows you what the top ppv keywords are of the current time based on all campaigns stored in our database.

Our Spy Tool Stats are awesome to help you decide what campaigns are hot right now.

The stat tell you how many landing pages we have scrape, how many views the landing pages have had, how many landing pages are being added per day – all good to know so you know we are keeping fresh content for you.

We have a list of the TOP landing pages where you can view the top 10 or EVERY campaign in order of popularity from top to bottom.

We have a rating system where the users can rate the landing pages if they wish.

Again the stats show the latest landing pages added so you do not miss a trick and we even have a list of the top performing traffic sources for you and which categories are performing the best at the moment. This is linked directly to the campaigns in question to save you hunting around for them.

If you think you have missed some campaigns simply hit the UNVIEWED button and only the campaigns that you have not viewed yet will be shown to you.

The [b]Search[/b] tool searches the title, description, the keywords, the source the lot – no messing about. If you are running dating campaigns then just type dating and you will see all your competitors landing pages that we have scraped, spied, or stumbled upon. See below:

As you can see from the above there are quite a few pages of dating campaigns, and they are listed in the order of popularity.

You can view your competition, their landing page, their keywords, their traffic source.

Here is an example of what you can see on a campaign.

As you can see you get almost everything apart from what color shirt he was wearing when he started the campaign.

You can even hit NOTIFY – so that every time a new campaign is put online you will get a notification to your email box.



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