PPVguru Testimonials and Reviews

I am not really one for posting testimonials anywhere as I tend not to believe them on other peoples websites. However, if you want to view them for yourself all you have to do is register with the forum and you can view them in the testimonial section here:


Avi1979 “This forum made me quit my day job. What else I can say Lee?
I have no words, simply awesome forum”

Alex “Hey guys, When i first started reading about IM i read about PPV, i never thought I could make money with it.
So i tried everything else, and when i said everything i mean it.
YouTube, PPC, List Building, SEO and so on.
Until i met this guy with a weird avatar, he told me he had a forum so i went to check it out, after i started reading the threads i decided to setup a PPV campaign.
First day i got conversions, i was happy even thought i was in red. The same day i asked for help, changed a few things and BOOM! i was in profit.
Plus, all the information you get in the downloads is pure gold. Nothing to lose here. Well worth the membership.
Now i am a Seasoned SuperVip member and i have been a member for a couple of years now.
This is a great forum and and you want to learn about PPV, this is the right place.


Money205910 “Hey Guys
2 year ago, I was a newbie, I went to many forums, blogs,  At that time, I could make some small money, but it was not solid, one day, I won  200$  ( Played casino) , I decided  go to ppvguru, one month later, I made solid 100 per day, now I am a full time affiliate, As Alex said: “This is a great forum and and you want to learn about PPV, this is the right place.””

Sampdeche “I am a member of this forum from 1 year as a Super VIP.I am earning pretty well with one method founded on this forum and my intention is to scale with more methods.The quality of the material about PPV is very high and the quantity on the info and methods as well.The Guru Lee is always available to help.The cost of the VIP membership is really good if I think what You can learn and earn from all the goldmine inside this forum.”


Roger “Before joining this forum, I am struggling to make profit from PPV. Lots of times I just want to give up and quit…
One day I accidentally found this forum from Warrior forum and I decided to give a try. There are full of treasures in the forum! I quickly be in green! Thanks to Guru ;D
I have upgraded to seasoned VIP recently. Just as Guru said: PPV is a monster and you have to find the right way to beat it! If you want to learn PPV, join this forum and you will not regret!”


Socratesgrm “Honestly I have no words to express the gratitude of this forum.
It is simply sensational, I am a user Seasoned SuperVIP and hope to remain so
Thank you so much”


Yage37 “Hi I join this forum in the end of 2013 where I was earning an average of 50 $ a month from internet marketing.
I work since I joined an average of 15 hours a day weekends included!  I made over 100k in total because of this forum.
I can not understand why peoples quit PPV or even this forum. I learn every day and there are always new ideas and new opportunities given in this forum.”


Kev “I have only been a member of this forum for a short time and all I can say is WOW
I am a SuperVip and can not put into words how much of an awesome deal that is :) there is just so much content to learn and so many useful tools to download. ”


Azwork “To be honest, this forum is a gold mine for mastering PPV Marketing
I have a Supervip membership, and every month I keep learning new tips and strategies to make a living from PPV traffic.
My success today has started from here and continue to grow month after month
Thanks Lee for everything you shared with us ”

Luffypunch “I took a huge leap of faith, and stepped into something I had no idea how it would end. Today I can safely say I am in the right place for once in my marketing career. The information here has opened many new doors I never knew existed. Taking action on less than 10% of the methods here has turned my life 180°.
Long Live The PPVGuru forum! ”


Jsk1611 “I have been a member of this forum for over 9 months now and the information within it is invaluable to say the least. There is no fluff. Lee cuts to the chase and his no nonsenseapproach ensures that he steers the members in the right direction.
I was a member of 3 other forums and paid a lot of money last year for a PPV course which comes no where close to what this forum provides in terms of high quality information. I cancelled all the other subs and I’m learning from Lee and other members who are earning high incomes.”

There are many more reviews in the forum http://ppvguru.com/forum/index.php?topic=8709.0


Check them out for yourselves.