Pams Lucky 7 Pack of Campaigns

So many of you know that Pam works for me setting up various campaigns. She is having the week off and I normally send her a bunch of in house offers to set up for me. So rather than double her work load I decided to offer this pack to you as I have not released any of these for a few months.

Just so you are aware. I have not set any of these up yet but I have hand picked these for Pam to try with FIBT wordpress Blog and PPV.

Just a brief summary of these campaigns:

1. This has daily visitors of 8600 which is pretty decent traffic and they say they supply to all countries and they pay 50% commission

2. This one has daily visitors of 7600 again which is not bad and pays 15% and they supply to all countries. These items are high turnover low cost items so I would epect to see some pretty quick sales on this one.

3. This has a nice 15,000 daily visitors and pays $5 commissions per sign up. This campaign I suspect has been mentioned in some peoples sucess stories before and again is available to all countries.

4.  The traffic on this one is huge 153,300 per day!! Works on rev share and available to all countries.

5. Another big traffic offer 73,000 daily visitors and available for all countries.

6. A steady 13,000 visitors per day and pays 20% commissions

7. Finally another decent 73,000 per day visitors with 25% commission. I am not 100% sure on how this one generates revenue but the only was for me to find out is to get Pam to set it up and see how it works.

I have not set any of these up yet so I can not provide you with any earning figures but they do look good.

Traffic sources I would advise on these are 50onred (RTX), Propel (Trafficvance), Mediatraffic, Zeropark.


Pams Lucky 7 Pack of Campaigns

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