The ULTIMATE PPV Landing Page

landinggenius So you are sick of generating hundreds of landing pages that never convert. This is one of the top performing landing pages on leadimpact, trafficvance, mediatraffic and even 7search. It automatically resizes to suit the pop up or lander. So if the landing page is 800 x 400 it will load perfectly inside the pop up. If you want it to load into a 1000 x 800 pop up then it will automatically load to that size without any alteration.

So whats special about this script?

DYNAMIC KEYWORD OR URL – so no matter what your URL or Keyword it will trim the url from down to just so it would appear that no matter what the target the script will appear that it is from the site that the pop was triggered from.

DYNAMIC GEO LOCATION – no matter which country, town or city the visitor is from this script will identify the location and tell the user that they are special and from the town and region.

SOFTENS THE BUYER – This script is carefully constructed to entice the user into getting their valued credit card out and buying from you.

PROTECTION FROM SPIES AND BOTS – This script has its own protection mechanism that prevents bots and prying eyes from stealing your landing page.

REFERRER PROTECTION – This script has an internal bit of magic that uses your own server to hide to the referrer.

FAKE THE KEYWORDS – If you are restricted from using certain keywords this script will allow you to enter your own keywords that referring url will dictate. It hides the actuall referring keyword and replaces with any keyword you wish at the same time as maintaining the correct keyword or url so you can track everything to optimize to the extreme.

EASY INSTALLATION - Once you have uploaded the script you can be up and running in minutes. You even have our support email incase you get stuck and need some help.

DOUBLED UP OFFERS – This little script will also switch offers once one is clicked giving you twice as much chance of a conversion.

BONUS – We have added a list of targets that this script performs particularly well with to get you making money right from the start.

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