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  • PPVguru Testimonials and Reviews

    PPVguru Testimonials and Reviews

    I am not really one for posting testimonials anywhere as I tend not to believe them on other peoples websites. However, if you want to view them for yourself all you have to do is register with the forum and you can view them in the testimonial section here: http://ppvguru.com/forum/index.php?board=114.0 Avi1979 “This forum made me […]

  • 50onred – Turning Red Into Gold

    50onred – Turning Red Into Gold

      Using some of the traffic networks can be quite daunting at times.  This guide is using 50onred and using it like a professional. This shows you the tricks on how to get the converting keywords and domains right! In this ebook I have explained how to easily set up a campaign using a live […]

  • How PPV Camaigns Are exposed!

      So here we are going to show you how to grab someones campaigns. Unfortunately, in this example the guy is not particularly good at ppv as all he is doing is self targeting a number of offers but here I show you how I got his keywords and his campaigns and his traffic sources. […]

  • The PPV Forums Just get Bigger and Better

    We have now added a few more subscription types to the PPV Forums to suit your needs. 1. One Day Trial – You get access to all the forums with the expection of the SUPER VIP section and the WSO Our Products section. With the trial version you are unable to download any attatchements ( […]

  • The Guru’s Forums

    So i have been asked a few times whats inside the forums. And what do you get for you money? If you join the forum you are permitted 2 downloads per month and exclusive access to the discussions on all releases from the site. If we have a product in the store and its not […]

  • A full case study for Leadimpact, Trafficvance and Media traffic

    This is the type of thing you will find in our forums. I have chose this one as its pretty simple: Offer: Bingo Dealer Country: UK Payout: $2.50 Offer Type: Single Opt in. Offer Page: http://www.bingodealer.com/ Initial Budget: $10.00 My research: https://www.facebook.com/bingoblitz & https://www.facebook.com/bingoblitz/likes From the facebook fan page I find the following: London, England, […]

  • So whats in the forum?

    I have received a few emails as to whats in the forums as when new registrations occur they are only presented with one topic. This topic basically describes how to become a paid member. Once registered on the forum you will get unrestricted access to the following: WSO Products – I have only a few […]