What is PPVguru?

lee copyAs time has progressed we are teaching all kinds of online marketing. We decided to add facebook marketing with the boom of the custom printing industry and the massive increase in ecommerce.

Firstly, PPV is a method of marketing other peoples affiliate products for which a commission can be earned should a successful sale be made on a product or you encourage someone to sign up to a game or app. The range of commissions can be from as little as $0.50 for getting someone to sign up to an app or a game through to many hundreds of dollars should you sell a vacation (holiday) or a high value item. Commissions can be paid to you via a set rate or a revenue share of the items which you are marketing. These products which you market are available on affiliate networks on mass or by companies with their own affiliate programs. Within the forum we teach you where to find the offers that are converting the best and which networks are the best.

Over the years we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in marketing PPV using various traffic sources.I released an ebook around 4 years ago on how to use pop ups to market various products. The reaction I got from this one product was quite phenomenal and my skype went crazy with people asking for more tutorials, landing pages, scripts all related to PPV. The people who were asking me for this info was and still is to this day from all levels of marketing, all levels of knowledge and from all over the world.

These people were asking for help and wanting to learn more about the business. I was that busy assisting people via skype that I could not get any work done so I set up the PPVguru forum.Over the last 4 years we have helped many hundreds if not thousands of people educate themselves in the various traffic sources and how best to market products of all kinds of niches.One of the very first questions I normally get asked from people is how quick will I make money. First off, I would advise you always to learn about the business before you even consider setting up a campaign on any traffic source as I have seen people rush in and make expensive mistakes. You wouldn’t dream of entering a Gran Prix if you had not learned to drive first would you? Within the forum we have a Noobie section which is worth reading and some staged lessons. These will give you the basics of the business again I would advise that you still wait before you rush in and set anything up and let the information sink in and then revisit these sections again to make sure you picked everything up. So to answer the question at hand, it is not possible to give you a time scale of how quick you will make money or even if you will make money at all. Each person we come across is different, each person learns at a different rate and information retention differs from person to person. We having been doing this for many years and are still learning new things each and every day as the traffic evolves and the traffic sources change.

teacherMany of our products which include tutorials on various traffic sources, methods, scripts, and landing pages. All of which can be downloaded as part of your membership inside the forum (depending on your level of membership will depend on how many you can download per month).

I also often get asked what you will get inside the forum so here is a none exhaustive list of what is in the forum on each membership level.

1. Bronze Level

a) Will permit you to 1 download per month. A download can be anything from the store which we mentioned before.

b) You will have access to the Bronze lessons

Lesson 2.1 – Its not Christmas!
Lesson 2.2 – The tools of the trade
Lesson 2.3 – Tracking
Lesson 2.4 – Offers and Campaigns
Lesson 2.5 – Understanding File Structures on a Server
Lesson 2.6 – Tracking
Terminology – What things mean

You will also be permitted access to around 10% of the forum threads and topics.

2 Silver Level

a) You get access to all of the above plus the Silver Lessons and you get 3 Included downloads per month. Again a download can be anything from the store listed above.

b) You will have access to the Bronze and Silver lessons

Lesson 3.1 – Traffic Sources The Basics
Lesson 3.2 – Lazy PPV Campaigns – Making them Work
Lesson 3.3 Research or Spying
Lesson 3.4 Parameters, Variables Explained
Lesson 3.5 Understanding The Geo Targeting

c) You also get access to additional forum threads (around 30% of the threads)  and follow alongs which are threads set up by us and the members in which they chart their progress over the weeks and months of how they are progressing. A follow along can be for a particular offer or it can be a personal diary which charts their progress as a whole which identifies the trials and tribulations of their journey learning the business.

3, Supervip (Gold) Level

a) You have access to all of the above and as s Supervip you are permitted to downoad 15 items and again these can be anything from the forum store.

b) Gold Lessons

Gold Lesson 1.1 – Over Lapping Targets
Gold Lesson 1.2 – How Matching Works
Gold Lesson 1.3 – Spying on the traffic source
Gold Lesson 1.4 Landing Page Variables, TOKENS
Gold Lesson 1.5 – Spy Tool Extreme

c) You get access to the remainder of the threads and posts other than the invite only groups or groups relating the purchase of a special exclusive campaign or tutorial.

d) Facebook Marketing – learn how to market custom products, such as printed mugs, t shirt, infact anythinf you can sublimate or print on. We teach you what products to create and how to sell them using some very simple techniques which are mostly unknown around the printing industry. We own a printing business which we practise what we preach and use our very own techniques to sell many custom items every day. Our print shop has 3 full time staff with Oki 9420 wt printer, and 8 mugs presses along with a SP300 print and cut machine. You can read our follow alongs on how we market out products successfully on the forum. http://ppvguru.com/forum/

On all of the above you have access to myself and the other members who you can ask for advice on anything to do with the forum or the business in general.

We are here to help you learn the business of ppv marketing. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme! We are here to help you build a long term business by marketing almost any product using our methods and landing pages to increase the productivity of your campaigns. We take on people of all levels from complete noobies through to people who have been marketing for many years.


The best way to move forward:

When you join the forum we encourage you to set up a Diary. Within this diary you can introduce yourself to us and do not worry if your English is not the best as we have many members whose native language is not English. We have a standard initial post for you to complete to tell us where you are within your marketing career and with this information we can advise you where to go next. If you post regularly what you are reading, which tutorials you have downloaded etc you can ask any questions about the downloads in your diary where we can provide any additional advice should you not understand anything. We can even advise you on particular campaigns should the campaigns not be discussed previously in the forum.

PPV Marketing can be very rewarding but is very hard work so do not think for one minute you can download one product and know everything. It does take time to learn and can be quite over whelming when you first start marketing.

Remember the biggest asset you have within the forum is access to us, so remember to use us and post your questions.

If you decide that PPVguru is for you then we will see you in the forum.


Lee Holdsworth

Managing Director

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