EU General Data Protection Regulations

These notes are in addition to our privacy policy and terms and conditions which can be located here:

What Data we may collect?

With your consent we store your email address and cookies. You provide consent when you submit the email on any part of our site.

You may be added to our mailing list where we periodically email updated content of the forum, or the website in general.

We do not sell or provide this data to 3rd parties.

 Why are we holding this information?

We use your email for marketing purposes and login information to the secure areas of our website and forums. Without storing these details you would be unable to login to the website.

You can have your details removed at any time by clicking the OPT OUT links in the emails which are sent or by emailing me

How did we obtain your email?

The only methods we use to obtain your email is through an opt in form or when you sign up to use the forum.
Why was it originally gathered?

Your email was originally collected when you opted into our mailing list or signed up to our forum. You can have this removed by emailing me

How long will we retain it?

We will retain the email and login details until you request for it to be removed. You can have it removed by emailing me
How secure is it, both in terms of encryption and accessibility?

Your data is very secure on our server which is protected by SSL encryption 128 bit. NONE of our staff have access to this information.

Do we ever share it with third parties, and on what basis might you do so?


Any questions?

Please do so by emailing me