Social Marketing Targeting Exposed

Many people get confused when it comes to marketing through social media on places like facebook for drop shipping and various other offers.

This article will give you some very simple rules to follow when creating your ad campaigns.

First of all if you present the right product to the right people they will buy it. Sounds easy right!

Well it is when you know HOW to present the product to the right people.

Let me take a product from aliexpress as an example.

owl watch

This is a watch with an owl on it which costs $3.58 to buy.

First of all you need to get your pricing right. If you price it too low you won’t make any money but if you price it high you won’t get any sales. So too low would be $4.99 and too high would be $29.99 so I would go somewhere in the middle between $9.99 to $14.99

Secondly, when creating your target audience ALWAYS think you need to have at least a 3 way comination of interests – 4 is better but if the audience is too small then go with 3 levels. If the audience is high then go with more levels of narrowing the audience.

To see how to narrow the audience and get a more targeted audience with a large image watch this video:–zRkU

So taking the above product as an example we need a number of thingsabout the product to make a good targeted campaign.

1. What is it we are doing? We are looking for people who buy online so our first interest could be people interested in ONLINE SHOPPING

2. What is it we are selling? We are selling a watch. So our second or NARROWED audience could be interested in a WATCH

3. What is special about this product? Two things to me stand out – a) It has an owl face and b) it has a hippy style band on it. So in my further narrowed audiencee I would put people who are interested in OWLS now when you select OWLS in the audience box you will be presented with a number of SIMILAR options like TAWNY OWLS, NIGHT OWLS etc you can add all of these to the same relevant interest box. I would also narrow the audience even further with another narrowing to HIPPY STYLE, or HIPPIE always try both spellings as different cultures spell things differently.

4. Start your budget small say around $5 to $10 a day and target your local country in the language you speak. Run the campaign for 24 hours and have the item at the higher price, after 24 hours reduce your price and see if you get any sales. If you do have sales and are in profit then fantastic. If you do not get any sales after 24 hours – reduce the price again. On this particular campaign I reduced my price to around $12.99 and achieve regular sales on it.

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