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  • Insane Campaigns given away for free

    Insane Campaigns given away for free

    I normally keep these types of campaigns back for myself to test then sell, but seeing as it is Christmas I thought I would drop them into the forum FREE. They are in the Private Inhouse threads which can be found under a Supervip Account. Here are the posts here: http://ppvguru.com/forum/index.php?board=68.0 Generally these are VERY […]

  • Landing Page Blaster

    Landing Page Blaster

    This is a self hosted script that will allow you create a highly converting landing page in a matter of minutes. http://ppvguru.com/PageBlaster.mp4 This landing page creator will make creating a landing page far quicker and easier for you.

  • PPVguru Testimonials and Reviews

    PPVguru Testimonials and Reviews

    I am not really one for posting testimonials anywhere as I tend not to believe them on other peoples websites. However, if you want to view them for yourself all you have to do is register with the forum and you can view them in the testimonial section here: http://ppvguru.com/forum/index.php?board=114.0 Avi1979 “This forum made me […]

  • PPVguru Forum Spy Tool

    PPVguru Forum Spy Tool

    As you may or mat not be aware we have launched our very own spy tool. We have a team of guys who spend their days hunting down and scraping brand new campaigns for you using our very own Spying methods and Scraping methods. This we believe to be the most accurate spy tool in […]

  • Leadimpact Pop Server Exposed! May 2014

      As you may or may not know leadimpact have a new server. Remember this is only a few month old and they have not integrated all the traffic yet. What I have done here is give you the outgoing links, the referring domains for May 2014. What use are the outgoing links from leadimpact? […]

  • PPV – Starting from Scratch

    The Guru Starting From Scratch I was inspired to write this from a post from a couple of guys who asked this question to one of the users of ppvguru.com forum and I thought it may provide a quick route to success to some of you noobies if I provided my version.  

  • PPV Pop Over – Awesome Landing Page

    This little script will help you create some awesome campaigns in just minutes. All you have to do is take a screen shot of your target and change a 2 things in this script and you have a ready made professional looking landing page.

  • [GET] Oceans 14 The Great PPV Casino Heist

    Before I start telling you about what this is – you must be aware that this is specifically for Leadimpact and Trafficvance. It does work on Mediatraffic but the landing page is built for the other two. Ok so I am a marketer and promote other peoples offers and some of these offers are email […]