Paypal Error Code 10486 – SOLVED

I discovered my sales on Shopify took a vast delcine overnight, and after some investigation I discovered that many of my customers payments were being declined with a 10486 error.

On initial inspection and complaint to both Shopify and Paypal both stated the error was caused by a bad funding source from the customer. So, I decided to test this theory using one of my personal accounts to make a payment. I had valid funding sources on my personal accounts and my payment had been delcined stating bad funding source.

So, once again I complained to both Shopify and Paypal. Again, both denied that the issue was caused by them.

After losing thousands in sales I kept researching the cause of the issue and eventually solved the problem.

This is the error I was getting before it was solved:


Short message

This transaction couldn’t be completed.

Long message

This transaction couldn’t be completed. Please redirect your customer to PayPal.

Error code10486

Severity code Error

The cause and solution is posted in the forum: