Sponsorship 2019

I am pleased to annouce that I have agreed a Sponsorship deal with Lee Kendall of the Players Pool Events Supreme Pool Series for 2019 for all 5 events.

After watching each and every event live streamed of 2018 I was always left wanting more. Never before has anyone achieved what Lee Kendall has done and taken the game of pool in the UK to the next level.

I have to add that the streaming company Beard Productions and Nick Phinn especially are stars in their own right. They have produced a show that I can only compare to the professionalism of Sky Sports on a fraction of their budgets.

Nick Phinn as commentator not only entertains but educates constinuously throughout the shows which I personally find outstanding.

I fully appreciate the costs that occur in producing such a Production and Entertainment Show and knowing full well that there are some huge companies biting to get a slice of the 1,600,000 views and growing views on youtube alone I just had to jump to grab the opportunity first.

PPVguru.com and its continued success in teaching people how to make money online are more than happy to share that success with the Players Pool Events  Supreme Pool Series

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